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URL Shortener

This shortens the URL using puul.ml
Also offers a chromium plugin

Public cloud

Access a nexcloud instance made. Please do not share its content without explicit permission.

E-Mail forwarder

Would you like to register a lot of accounts, but only have one email address? Or would you like to stay anonymous? This programme creates disposable email addresses

Pastebin (encrypted)

A privacy-focused text platform. The server has zero knowledge about the contents.

AD Guard

A DNS-based ad blocker that leads ads into a black hole. Can hardly be detected.

WordCloud Maker

Want to create a wordle? This is the perfect app for your custom word cloud.


A privacy-focused notes platform. The server has zero knowledge about the contents.


Has Mark given you an email address for this server? If you were assigned one, you're free to access the webmail


Click here to test your internet speed

This is a great iDea

- Richard Stallman




21, male, student, technician, cat lover

Hi, I am Mark. You most definitely know me. Otherwise you would not have this web address. This is my server with lots of interesting functions to be used by authorised users only.

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